CMX Retail Pty Ltd, ABN 90162153611 is the official distributor of Sbyke in Australia.

Sbyke is a true testament to the American dream. Sbyke USA, LLC was formed after two brothers in a legendary racing family, Bart and Steve Wilson, met inventor, Brad Wernli. The first prototype was created by Brad in his garage. The Wilson brothers applied their engineering and business expertise in the racing industry to develop the sleek and speedy version of sbyke that is the high quality and innovative mode of transportation that is now available for the whole family. The patented design is portable, easy to control and perfect for use in countless places.

Today, Sbyke USA, LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Close to the race tracks, the Sbyke is already a “hit in the pits.” Sbyke joined forces with 15-time Motocross, Supercross legend Ricky Carmichael and current NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver to extend the sbyke’s use into the race pits. The celebrity was thrilled to support the sbyke and when they’re not being used at work, he takes them home to his kids. “The sbyke is great fun! The team glides around the pits on the sbyke, then I come home and the kids run circles around me with it,” Carmichael admits.



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