Sbyke, the new micro scooter in Australia. The next must have

Micro Scooter Australia The next must-have is about to hit Australia. Sbyke, the new micro scooter of Australia, is going to be the next craze to hit the streets. Looking for the idea gift or, perhaps even you will want the join the revolution yourself. With Sbyke the possibilities are endless. With a BMX wheel […]

Kids Scooters Australia: A unique ride, for the extreme roll

The Ultimate Kids Scooters in Australia Sbyke is the next revolution in on the street. Imagine the thrill of a skateboard, the agility of a bike and the the unique maneuverability of a rear steer scooter. Then you can just about imagine what Sbyke will look like and why it s considered among the top […]

Cool Scooters: The ultimate fusion

Australia’s Cool Scooters Have you ever imagined what the next revolution on the street might look like? Well imagine for a moment what a fusion between a skateboard, a bike and a scooter would look like. It would be quite a fusion and open up possibilities for new cool scooters! Fortunately thanks for Sbyke this […]

Sbyke’s launch in Australia

Sbyke fresh launch

  Sbyke has officially launched in Australia and is available to everyone across the country!  Sbyke is a true testament to the American dream. Sbyke USA, LLC was formed after two brothers in a legendary racing family, Bart and Steve Wilson, met inventor, Brad Wernli. The first prototype was created by Brad in his garage. […]