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Have you ever imagined what the next revolution on the street might look like? Well imagine for a moment what a fusion between a skateboard, a bike and a scooter would look like. It would be quite a fusion and open up possibilities for new cool scooters! Fortunately thanks for Sbyke this has become a reality. At first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that this is just a new type of scooter, with rear steering.


But take a closer look, you begin to see that it is so much more. It is the next craze on the street that has already taken America by storm. Now just imagine the possibilities, because with Sbyke you will be able to do those crazy tricks that you never thought was even possible. Ever wanted to take it on the jumps and then the half pipes in one maneuver?


This is why Sbyke is set to become the next big thing among cool scooters, on the street and park. It will open up possibilities that you never thought were possible. Whats more Sbyke is one tough machine, made from aircraft grade aluminum and a deck from 10 ply maple. Usually found on only the best quality skateboards, this will be able to handle anything.


Upfront, you will find a the toughest BMX wheel that you have ever seen, to tackle those half pipes. This truly does gives you the best of everything, in the one, amazing Sbyke. Why have a scooter when you can have it all?


With Sbyke you truly would be the envy of the skatepark, it is truly out of this world. Its no wonder everyone is talking about Sbyke. It is going to be the next craze, on a street near you, because Sbyke is coming to Australia. It will be available from your favorite leading online retailer soon.

Sbyke: Cool Scooters Australia

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