Sbyke is the next step in the evolution of the scooter. The wide, hardwood maple deck is stable and allows for side-by-side foot placement. This hybrid bike-scooter combines the world of BMX and skateboarding and can be used for transportation, exercise, or solely for fun. It features the ease and manoeuvrability of rear-steering, the control of a hand brake, and the stability of a wide platform that allows for side-by-side foot placement. Crafted of high-quality materials such as hardwood maple and aircraft-grade aluminium, the Sbyke is rugged and durable with a sleek, eye-catching design. Recommended for riders 8 years and older, and up to 100kg, your Sbyke can be parked just about anywhere in the garage, and fits easily into the trunk of a car. Riding in tight spaces is no problem either--the unique design allows you to make a 360-degree turn in a space equal to the width of a sidewalk. It has an adjustable spring rate for carving and cruising and a kickstand for standstill stability. The 10-ply maple hardwood deck has a 3-cam carving truck and ABEC 7 bearings.


  • Alloy Hand Brake
  • Super Light Billet 6061 T-6 Head
  • Interchangeable 4130 CroMoPro & LoPro Stem Lengths for Tall and Small Riders
  • Matte Black 6061 t6 Aircraft Aluminium Frame
  • Lightweight 20" Allow Rim
  • 3 CAM Carving Truck
  • 70mm x 78A Durometer Truck Wheels with Radial Tread
  • ABEC 7 Bearings in Duplex Inter-race Mounting
  • 10-ply Maple Deck Gripped Out
  • Adjustable Spring Rate for Carving or Cruising

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